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Shaul Cohen

Chutzpah In A Bubble

Israeli moments captured in snow globes. Without the snow. 


Snow bubble usually freeze landscapes that are magical. In this project the fantasy is replaced by minor situations that have become permanent in the Israeli landscape.

Shaul Cohen

About The Artist

Shaul Cohen is an Israeli industrial designer and graduate of the Jerusalem Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Cohen’s version of his snow globes were first presented at the 2019 Berlin Design Week. A pioneer of the 3D printing industry in Tel-Aviv, where he still runs his studio, he shares his expertise with designers, architects, and anyone interested in 3D printing. His art work is inspired by typical Israeli moments and objects, to which he provides his own humaristic interpretation.


In 1900, more than 100 years ago, Austrian Erwin Perzy, a surgical instruments mechanic, accidentally created the first snow globe as the result of an experiment. He was a creator himself. Fast forward to 2020. ChutzpahCenter and Shaul Cohen are now collaborating in the capture of nostalgic, but very real, unique elements of the Israeli landscape. Instead of snow globes, we call them Chutzpah in a Bubble. After all, snow is not really part of our typical landscape. 

We picked our favorite scenes, each representing a special moment in Israeli life. 3D printed in Israel, hand painted by Shaul Cohen, and spiced with a special twist of creativity, these miniature dioramas are simply magical. However, these are not the innocent, childish snow globes you might be used to. Chutzpah in a Bubble captures the roughness and beauty of Israeliness. Nothing is perfect, or ideal. Israeli reality is complex and full of small messy details. 

Once you hold it in your hands, a closer look will reveal the bubble’s surprises of Chutzpah.

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