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Roy Cohen

Colorful Personal Perspectives

Transforming any environment or object around into your own work of art.

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Bringing your own perspective into any environment you look at - now that’s Chutzpah!

Roy Cohen

About The Artist

Since childhood, Roy Cohen was fascinated by bold colors, the light that passes through them and symmetric geometry. Having spent family vacations in the Sinai Peninsula of the Red Sea, he was mesmerized by the sea. He felt excited swimming through the coral reefs and watching exotic fish swim by. Growing up, he became a photographer in the IDF Spokesman’s Unit, and then studied architecture. That’s when he merged his passion of observing colorful details with learning how to use mirrors, reflections and light in design. Attempting to build his first kaleidoscope was a defining moment for Roy: he realized this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Since, his work has been exhibited in museums around the world and earned him prizes.

Roy’s magical studio is situated close to the Dead Sea. This is where he researches and experiments with materials, working techniques, color combinations and the endless possibilities of his art. “Everyday I discover and learn something new” Roy testifies. What a lucky man he is.
ChutzpahCenter and Roy Cohen share the belief that every person, at any age and anywhere, has a unique set of eyes. What is innovation if not looking at familiar environments, shaking them up and coming to new realizations? How magical is it to break what we already have seen so many times into tiny particles that are reflected until infinity in a completely new way? The perfect gift to encourage creativity and self expression.

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