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After long weeks of duty, the bus shelters on all main roads are the first step towards going back home for the weekend. They remind any Israeli soldier of the smell of home cooking, shabbat dinner with the family or getting together with childhood friends. 

3D printed in Israel, hand painted by signed by Shaul Cohen.

Cement Bus Shelter for Soldiers

    • Dimensions: 10 x 12 x 10 cm (length x height x width)
    • Glass globe
    •  Concrete color plastic base
    • 3D printed in Israel, hand-painted by Shaul Cohen
    • Signed by Shaul Cohen
    • Surprise mini element of Chutzpah added to each diorama
  • The items will be delivered to you by courier within 16 business days outside of Israel and 14 business days in Israel. Please check our store policies at checkout for more detailed information

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