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Over 1000 of these stands are located on busy streets in all cities of Israel, from north to south. The Israeli lottery was established in the 50’s to fund the establishment of the first government hospitals in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Petach Tikwa and Safed. Each of these stands has been operated by the same person for decades, making him or her part of the neighborhood’s scenery. We walk by them on a daily basis, smile, greet them with a friendly “Shalom,” and continue to our daily routine.

3D printed in Israel, hand painted and signed by Shaul Cohen.

Typical Lottery Company Stand

    • Dimensions: 10 x 12 x 10 cm (length x height x width)
    • Glass globe
    • Concrete color plastic base
    • 3D printed in Israel, hand-painted by Shaul Cohen
    • Signed by Shaul Cohen
    • Surprise mini element of Chutzpah added to each diorama
  • The items will be delivered to you by courier within 16 business days outside of Israel and 14 business days in Israel. Please check our store policies at checkout for more detailed information

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