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Originality is not about crossing boundaries. It is about creating new ones.

At Originalities , ChutzpahCenter collaborates with extraordinary Israeli creators and artists. We give a stage to their brave and unique voices, as they inspire us to notice the unnoticed, challenge our assumptions and master our own creativity.


Our Special Editions

Combining the fearless imagination of Author and Tech Entrepreneur Inbal Arieli with the uniqueness of select Israeli creators and artists, we present a series of Special Editions you can now own. 


The stories of these individuals will inspire you the most. Their journeys will feed your imagination. A piece of their art is the best gift you can give yourself, or your loved ones.


They dare to challenge. They call it creativity. We call it Chutzpah. 

Original Chutzpah.


Shaul Cohen

Chutzpah In A bubble

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confidence framed.jpg

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Gavriella Melloul

The Bold Type

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WhatsApp Image 2020-08-25 at

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Roy Cohen

Colorful Personal Perspective

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Moments of Chutzpah. Sparks of Courage. Flares of Creation.

Creativity and innovation do not originate in one magical moment, nor are they the province of a select few born with an “innovative” or “creative” gene, but rather they are a product of a specific set of skills - a set of skills Inbal Arieli, Tech Entrepreneur and Author, calls CHUTZPAH.


Arieli did not invent Chutzpah. Rather, she has become a global Chutzpah expert and is known for unpacking what it means, defining its scope and rearranging the elements that make Chutzpah the critical mindset it is: applying fearless imagination; challenging the obvious; embracing uncertainty; observing; experimenting and creating. There’s no one single way of applying Chutzpah. One person’s Chutzpah is different from another’s in style, tone and weight. 


Inspired by Israeli childhood and scenery, both Arieli and the creators of the Special Editions at Originalities bring a unique voice and interpretation of Israeli moments, landscapes, words and colors. 


More than anything, they wish to share their creations of Chutzpah with you and your loved ones.


For me, Chutzpah is about always looking to make the unnoticed noticed.

Shaul Cohen

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